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The Bandit Xpress is a self-propelled harvest assist and platform machine all in one. This innovation will revolutionize the way you plan and conduct your harvest and your year around harvest maintenance. The Bandit Xpress can improve your efficiency, cost, and productivity. It can operate day and night in all types of terrain and is designed for safety and convenience for orchard workers. It eliminates the need for ladders.

It has a 4-bin capacity with a uniquely designed scissor lift. This scissor lift feature can raise a single bin to all picking levels on the tree and lower it to the ground. This process is repeated throughout the orchard as the Xpress picks up half full bins in the front and then raises them to the higher picking levels and lowers them to the ground in a 35 second cycle time. The efficiency of the process speeds up harvesting as well as pruning, because all work functions are done with mechanical assist rather than manual ladder work. With easy front loading bins the machine never needs to stop to load or unload bins. It can be easily toggled from full auto-steer to manual operation from a conveniently located joystick.

The platform base can be adjusted to two different heights and multiple base widths.  With the Bandit Xpress’ unique design each side can be at different heights and base widths for easy access to the entire tree canopy. This can assure that there is maximum functionality which gives you the ability to customize the Xpress to fit your individual needs.

To ensure picker safety, the Xpress comes equipped with both fully adjustable and removable sidebars. In addition, safety harnesses are attached overhead lanyard bars for safer operations. Other safety features including four emergencies stop switches located at the front and back of the machines both the platform and ground levels.

Standard features on this machine include:

    •    Lanyard Bars and Harnesses

    •    Lights

    •    Adjustable Light Bars

    •    Auxiliary Hydraulic Ports

    •    Powder Coat Finish

    •    Twist to Tow Technology with Tow Bar

    •    Stereo

The machine can be easily moved from orchard to orchard with a tow bar that comes standard on every machine. You will never need to arrange for a truck and trailer to move the machine. Simply attach the tow bar and hook it to your pick-up and tow it away.