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Automated Ag Systems, meeting all your agricultural needs.

Company History

Automated Ag Systems began in 2007 when JJ Dagorret brought his knowledge and ability to build all types of AG equipment. With a background in custom harvesting, equipment manufacturing, and also as a grower, JJ knew that the industry was rapidly moving in a forward direction.

In 1997, JJ and his wife purchased their first set of harvesters. The two started a custom harvesting operation, employing 4-12 people. Traveling throughout California, they built a strong customer base for harvesting prunes and pistachios as well as equipment repair.

During their third year in business, the two purchased an established company that manufactured the bin carrier.  By March of 1998, they took over the customer base, sales, service, and manufacturing.

While building a broader customer base, JJ met several growers in the raisin industry. He designed the Dried On the Vine (DOV) Raisin harvester after working along side the growers. This harvester was designed around the needs of the grower and the changing industry.  JJ was able to meet the demands of the industry and surpass the expectations of the growers. His machine was able to “shake” off 98% of the raisins from the vine, using one machine, replacing over 250 workers per day combining the technology of both the bin carrier and shakers.

As custom harvesting was still part of the early operations, JJ took his talents to another level. He developed a three-wheel tree shaker and receiver. This set of machines was able to harvest eight trees per minute without damage to the tree or the product.

The quality and craftsmanship of the finished product led to many opportunities to build many different items, one being an exotic animal crate. He was able to work with a customer to build an elephant crate. This crate was used across the country to transport elephants for breeding, health and other reasons.

In 2005, the two sold the business to a welding company. They continued to custom harvest until 2007, when they relocated to Florida and started Automated Ag Systems with Stephen and Wanda Mason. 

Today, Automated Ag is an international company with business clients in fruits and vegetables on four continents and 12 states. They offer 11 different harvest and harvest assist equipment products. 

Mission Statement

To build safe, efficient, reliable and innovative agricultural equipment that will enhance the competitiveness of harvest for growers around the world.


Automated Ag Systems currently has a patent-pending on the a variety of equipment. Reaching growers globally, seeing the need and demand for a changing market. Our goal is to be the industry leader. We have an excellent reputation, meeting the needs and adapting machines to fit all types of operation.