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The High Density Bin Bandit is designed to transport fruits and vegetables delicately from narrow high density dwarf plantings.

The unique design features air ride capability specifically designed to protect fresh market fruits and vegetables from bruising.  This capability allows the machine to transport five bins at a more efficient optimal rate of speed, saving time throughout the day. Designed by an experienced orchardist, who understands the need for a versatile, trouble-free and cost-effective harvest. The High-Density Bin Bandit uses only one operator, replaces seven to ten men and seven to ten tractors during operation.

With its traction control system, this machine can maneuver on hillsides, in tight spaces, and muddy conditions, enabling its use in any terrain and weather conditions. Built to conserve fuel costs, the Bin Bandit burns only three to five gallons of fuel on an average twelve hour day, thus saving operating cost and time.

The High Density Bandit can be equipped with lights for night operations and complements the Bandit Xpress platform-harvesting machine as a bin support transport machine.  The High Density Bandit can also be fitted with a pruning platform to provide one more support application for the very important tying and pruning operations.

The High Density Bin Bandit is dependable, efficient and rugged, and you will wonder how you ever did a harvest without it.