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Melon Wrangler Info

The Melon Wrangler

The Melon Wrangler is used with an existing vehicle. The Wrangler quick couples to your trailer, truck, or bus in less than a minute and makes transportation from any place to your field convenient. It is very versatile and functional.

Due to the short watermelon picking season, the Wrangler was designed to maximize the efficiency of the workers while protecting the fruit.  The Wrangler has the advantage of a 3 to 1 picking ratio. It also is used for cantaloupe, honeydew, pumpkins, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, bell peppers, and squash along with anything that grows on a vine.

Field crews place the fruit from the ground onto the conveyors, which then carry the fruit or vegetables up to the workers at the top of the trailer. The top crew receives the fruit or vegetables and loads them into the bins.  Using this process eliminates bruising of the fruit or vegetables being tossed from the ground up to the trailer preventing injuries to the crew.

The infeed conveyors are 18 inches wide, and the incline conveyors are 24 inches wide with 4-inch cleats. The speed of the conveyors and carousels are adjustable.  The infeed conveyors are easily removed from the machine for transport.

The machine is completely self-contained, and the noise level is approximately 72 decibels.  It's powered by two Honda 24hp gasoline engines and uses about 4 gallons of gas in an 8-hour work period.  The support vehicle controls the overall speed of the harvester.